Police officers in Voi beating Students footage

Police officers in Voi, Taita Taveta County are being challenged of brutality against students who were protesting at Coast Institute of Technology.

A CCTV footage from one of the student hostels in Voi reveals police officers beating the students and other forms of punishment which the area human rights activists condemn the deeds.

The move came following protests by the students against a rise in school fees on Tuesday.

A CCTV captured from Saint Elizabeth hostel, a ladies hostel at the institution, show male police officers forcing female students to crawl through a wet floor after splashing cold water on them.

The footage shows the officers caning the girls as they desperately cry for mercy.

The students say the brutal happenings went on for more than 30 minutes and it is alleged it was even worse in other hostels. Traumatizing as it was, female police officers watched and sometimes helped their male colleagues to punish the ladies.

The students had in the beginning on Tuesday complained of the proposed fees increment, the institution’s poor infrastructure and failure by the institution to set up required measures to curb the virus pandemic.

Taita Taveta County Police boss Francis Sang, however, dismissed allegations that his officers harassed the students saying he was not aware and nobody had raised any complaints.

He defended the police saying they were guarding to guarantee that the students did not destroy property.

Taita Taveta Haki Africa delegate Alex Mbela criticised the actions by the police naming them inhuman and a violation of the rights of the students.

Notwithstanding the call by the college management for students to leave the school premise, the students requested to remain in school alleging they have already paid school fees which they need to be appropriated for this semester.

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