Kenya healthcare crisis moves from bad to worse as KMPDU joins KNUN and KCOA mega strike

KMPDU, nurses(KNUN) and clinical officers(KCOA) national strike photo
Doctors strike.


KMPDUs' medical officer interns, pharmacist interns, dental officer interns, medical officers, pharmacists, dentists, medical specialists (consultants), medical superintendents, county directors of health, doctor administrators and sub-county medical officers will all go for a strike.

KMPDU will join nurses(KNUN) and clinical officers(KCOA) strike which enters the third week.

" We cannot go back to die. So now you want to hire others to go and die. We have not been paid for more than three months, others for 15 months. Where will the money to pay the new workers come from? " KNUN SG Seth Panyako.

" You want to bring in another group and misuse them. You want to add more baggage because the new officers will also later strike and demanding their pay, " he added.

"  We have written lots of laters to the Ministry and other relevant bodies with no success. Now its time to strike, " KMPDU SG Chibanzi Mwachonda said.

" If there are no PPEs, no salaries, no medical comprehensive cover then we are not going back to die. We have lost so many health workers until now its scaring, " KNUN SG Panyako added.

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