Kevin Kamami girlfriend Ann photo
Kevin Kamami girlfriend Ann.


Police in Gitaru, Kiambu County are searching for a 23-year-old girl who on Wednesday night purportedly killed her boyfriend over a love dispute before disappearing.

The lady recognised only as Ann and whose other details remain scarce purportedly stabbed Kevin Kamami four times before escaping to her hideout.

According to Kevin’s family, they were yet to know more particulars about the suspect who has been living with their son for months now.

Kelvin lived in a rental house located within his father’s compound.

Ms Caroline Njeri, sister to the deceased said that the suspect walked out of the house shortly after the event.

 “A neighbour who lives next door heard a disturbance and when she went to find out what was happening, she met Ann walking out,” Njeri said.

She said that before the neighbour could find out what had happened to raise an alarm the suspect had already escaped.

Asked whether the lovers had any history of domestic disputes, Njeri said they have been living happily.

On Sunday, April 24, Kamami took in his first-born daughter whose mother he had separated with a long time ago.

However, it remains unclear whether Ann was angry over the move.

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