Mutula Kilonzo jnr with Victoria Musyoka photo

Baby mama drama and children born out of wedlock now posed as source of income and a job to many young ladies after a night stand. 

Now Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr is on the spotlight.

According to reports by local newspapers, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has been implicated of being involved with a woman that is not his wife and whom he fathered a child with. 

Mutula Kilonzo jnr with Victoria Musyoka photo

Mutula was implicated with Victoria Ndunge Musyoka who prosecuted the senator alleged him of being a deadbeat father and demanding sh 150, 000 per month for child assistance or half a billion once off.

The case took too long to be settled as it encountered numerous obstacles including the senator implicating Victoria of asking for too much.

He said that she began requesting as early as even before the child was born.

For example, she had already ask the senator to buy her a car, for her and the baby's transport and was already requesting that the child be introduced to Mutula's wife even before the child was born.

Mutula Kilonzo jnr with Victoria Musyoka photo

There were also contentious details that the child did not resemble Mutula in any way and that Victoria was already three months pregnant before meeting Mutula.

As the court battle proceeded, in 2018, details ensued that Mutula Kilonzo Junior had given Victoria goods and money worth over 10 million to try and silence her.

Hearing to Victoria's needs, the senator had already purchased her a premio car worth 1.8 million back in 2014.

He had also bought her a piece of land and had also obtained her life assurance plan with the child as the only heir for a sum of Sh5,000,000.

The mother of one now demands Sh 500 Million as child support before the case is terminated. 

Details are still not clear of how e  case ended or if it's still in court.

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