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Google Adsense now shows anchor ads - the AdSense ads that stick to the top or bottom of the page as you scroll - on wider screens such as Desktops.

Google began anchor ads on AdSense in 2013 and has extended its innovations over the years.

 "Anchor ads now support a larger range of screen sizes. For sites that have anchors turned on, anchor ads will soon start to appear on wider screens such as the desktop. Our experiments show that anchor ads perform well on wider screens," Google said.

Anchor ads have begun showing on wider screens as stated earlier on date July 19, 2021.

Google said if you do not want anchor ads on your wider screens, you can turn this option off using the new "Wide screen" control in your Auto ads settings.

AdSense anchor ads stick to the side of the user's screen and Google says they are easily dismissible.

These ads essentially serve on mobile but now they are on desktop too.

They appear at the top of the user's screen unless we determine that this would negatively affect the user experience, in which case we show them at the bottom.

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