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On June 28th Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi Kadhua was honoured and presented with the Medal Award of Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear conferred by His Excellency the President on 12th December 2018.

Due to his exemplary performance among all the 47 County Speakers, he had the zeal of working for the masses hence awarded for his commitment.

The Medal was presented to him by Rt. Hon. Kenneth Lusaka, Speaker of the Senate at the Senate-Assembly Chambers.

The Speaker has been at the forefront in leading the house with clear mindest with no controversies.

An innovative leader is not a creative genius with thought-provoking ideas but gives others the freedom to develop their ideas.

People always look for leaders with some ideas but lack the will, determination, and fear of taking any actions.

But innovative leaders are not one of them.

Innovative people are always open to new ideas and discussions. They listen to everyone actively and also motivate others to think out of the box.

This quality gives them an edge over others since they are always hunting for creativity and innovations. As the innovative leader, Steve Jobs himself said, 'Innovations distinguish between a leader and a follower.'

During the constitution amendment bill 2020 debate, the Kilifi county speaker moved in swiftly and defended people that the bill had to go to the people before any concrete discussions at the chambers.

Kilifi County was among nine Counties that did not meet the "Supper Tuesday" deadline to hit the Number 24 threshold of Counties that had approved the amendment bill.

Speaker Kahindi Jimmy said Kilifi is a rural County and needed time to educate its rural population.

Public participation provides the opportunity for communication between agencies making decisions and the public. Kilifi County Assembly, in the realization of the above, published a Gazette notice for seven days of public forums in all the 35 Wards in Kilifi.

The exercise that was being conducted by the Member of Kilifi County Assembly led by the Speaker,  received applause and accolades for giving the grassroots a Voice in the amendment process.

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