Famous Coast artist Nyota Ndogo photo

Famous Coast artist Nyota Ndogo reveals that she given up on love after a series of unsuccessful tries to get her mzungu husband back.

Nyota Ndogo has been trying to reconcile with her lover a few months ago after she desperately pleaded her mzungu husband back with endless posts and messages on social media.

The Mzungu husband dumped her after she reportedly pranked him that she was pregnant.

The joke made him go silent since they had decided that she will never get babies before they got married.

He went back to his country now without a trace and cut communication, leaving her fried dry with dry spell.

On her Instagram handle, the Nyota Ndogo recited how she has been struggling a losing battle for so long now.

“Kuna mda unaweza Kua unapigania kitu Sana na kumbe so chako Tena,” she wrote.

The Watu Na Viatu musician said she is now fine and happy after truly submitting that her hubby, Henning Nielsen, actually went for good.

“Kiachilie to kiende. See how happy I am ni kwasababu nimekubali,” she added.

Famous Coast artist Nyota Ndogo photo

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