Citizen TV boycott over biased reporting photo

Supporters of Deputy President William Ruto now want their supporters to resist Citizen TV over biased reporting.

During a live reporting on Sunday, September 9, 2021, the Royal Media Services station documented that DP Ruto’s motorcade was hit with stones from supporters while heading to a church service in Kieni, Nyeri County.

The DP’s supporters however refuted the reports denouncing the station of intentionally running the narrative to depict the DR Ruto as unwanted in the Mt. Kenya region.

The supporters criticized the station for bringing out Ruto’s name in their weekly ‘National Reminder’ segment by mentioning his business partner Harun Aydin instead of the Artur brothers while running Artur's saga documentary.

Led by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, the group begged their followers to boycott the station.

"I advise the Hustler Nation to desist from watching Citizen TV Kenya. They are taking us back to the dark days of KANU and KADU where biased news was a norm. We can update ourselves using alternative sources like social media platforms.

"No one is no longer interested in watching mainstream media anymore. It’s time we support each other by consuming news from credible sites on social media,"
Sudi wrote

Another foot soldier Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa added, "Citizen TV Kenya is the latest member of the Githeri Media Group(GMG). I see Citizen TV Kenya has 4M likes. I’m urging all the hustlers to click the dislike button. Acha tutembeze viatu maze.

As a result of their lobbying, Citizen TV Facebook page has already lost over 5,000 likes with over 0.5 Million reductions on Twitter followers and Instagram.


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  1. Royal Media is NO longer a neutral or professional entity. The news coverage between Ruto Vs Raila says it all.


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