Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge with her Belgium boyfriend photo

Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge the 21-year-old student who has been trending for banking Sh102 million from her Belgian boyfriend Marc De Mesel speaks up on the issue.

Ms Nyamathira, who got the news when she was out of the country resorted to fighting for her money in the courts.

Through affidavits, she urged the courts not to be used by the Assets and Recovery Agency to violate her economic rights.
The ARA got court orders to freeze the money for three months to ascertain if the money is connected to any crimes or money laundering actions.

“The respondent obtained sweeping and radical orders against me without making any material disclosure as to whether financial due process was not adhered to in the transfer of the funds to me,” she said.

She also told the court that ARA did not provide any tangible facts linking her with non-compliance with financial due process.

Kenya’s anti-money laundering law directs that for amounts greater than Sh1 million, depositors and withdrawers should declare the source and planned use of the money.

Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge with her Belgium boyfriend photo

 The agency claimed that Ms Nyamathira initiated the four bank accounts for the sole purpose of receiving the money.

The couple had each declared the source and intended use of the Sh102 million which was sent in batches of 4.

Marc De Mesel, a crypto-currency expert, had shown that her girlfriend was “free to use the money to secure financial security for our future children”.

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