Elizabeth Nalem woman married holy spirit dies

In West Pokot County, a woman who wedded the holy spirit has died.

On Saturday, Elizabeth Nalem's rotting body was discovered in the woods at a nearby thicket.

According to police accounts, Nalem had left her house with a panga and a walking stick a week prior, intending to go into the jungle.

The lady was allegedly either assaulted by the animals in the forest, according to the police. Elizabeth's body may have been in the forest for more than a week, according to investigators.

The mother of six made news last year when she said she was marrying the 'Holy Spirit.'

In a bizarre church wedding in West Pokot County, Nalem married the new love of her life.

Nalema, 41, had gone missing for a week before breaking the news, and when she returned, she was joined by her bridesmaid.

After her bridesmaid was ordered to leave, she refused to sleep at home.

"My wife was furious because I wouldn't let her finest maid stay the night at our house."

Elizabeth Nalem woman married holy spirit dies

 "She left and went looking for her," her husband, Joshua Nalem, claimed, adding that he was perplexed by his wife's actions.

Nalem stated that they had been living happily together and that they have not had any disagreements that would have caused her to reconsider their marriage.

"I'm not sure what's bothering my wife. We are a happily married couple with six children. I've already paid her bridesmaid fee in full. He answered, "I paid 22 cows."

He claims that Elizabeth's decision to marry the "Holy Spirit" has had a profound impact on him because he has been left to care for their children on his own.

"Because I don't attend church, I let her go." "When I questioned her about strange characters in her prayer pattern, she became furious and fled our home. She was gone for five days," he explained.

Nalem said that his wife used to pray around 3 a.m.

When he saw her clothed in a white gown in Makutano town, preparing to marry for the second time, he was dumbfounded.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, claimed that God had sent her to preach the gospel. That's why she shut down her hotel, fearing that it might conflict with her new duty.

Elizabeth Nalem woman married holy spirit dies

She claimed that the Holy Spirit granted her a helicopter to help her spread the gospel over the world.


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