National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) membership registration and NHIF paybill number

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a government-run health insurance business that covers Kenyan individuals who meet certain criteria. 

Kenyans above the age of 18 are eligible to register and contribute every month.

A monthly contribution of Ksh.500 is sufficient to trigger the health cover. Employers must deduct and remit a set amount for people who are employed, based on individual pay levels.

How to Make an M-Pesa Payment to the NHIF

Kenyans who are self-employed or any other citizen who wishes to make a voluntary contribution to the NHIF can do so by using the NHIF pay bill number. The following is a stage process reference on how to make your monthly M-pesa contribution;

  • Select the lipa na M-PESA option from the M-Pesa menu.
  • Choose the option to pay your bill.
  • Enter the NHIF Business Number 200222 in the box below (NHIF PayBill Number)
  • Account Number is the number on the contributor's national identification card.
  • Press OK after you've entered the amount you want to send.
  • Fill in your M-Pesa pin.
  • After you've double-checked that the information is right, click OK.
  • M-pesa will send you a confirmation SMS after your application has been submitted successfully.

Online Requirements for NHIF application 

Membership; How to Apply for NHIF Membership? Before applying for an NHIF card, make sure you have the following items.

Kenyans residents 

  • A scanned copy of the original identification card.
  • Where applicable, a scanned copy of the marriage certificate
  • A recent clear passport-sized photo of the applicant and, if relevant, their spouse

Residents from other countries.

  • Scan of work permit, passport, or alien certificate, as well as that of a spouse, if appropriate
  • When applicable, a scanned copy of a colour passport-size photo, including that of a spouse and dependents.

After getting the necessary documents;

  • Go to and fill out the form.
  • Choose between being self-employed and working for someone else. Employers must register their employees and make contributions under the legislation.
  • Choose whether you want to apply as a Kenyan citizen, a student, or an international student.
  • A page with a form to fill out with the required information will display. Fill in all of the required information without making any mistakes during registration.
  • Upload and attach scanned copies of any relevant documents, such as an ID card, an alien certificate, or a passport.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your most current passport photo, as well as your spouse if you're married.
  • If applicable, include a marriage certificate.
  • Check to see if everything is in order, and if it is, click Save to apply the changes.
  • You should go to the NHIF office at your nearest Huduma facility after completing the application.

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