Wrongfully jailed woman for selling alcohol released, gets worst news at home

There is a rising perception that the law is designed to benefit the wealthy people rather than the poor. 

Ann, a Kenyan lady who was recently released from prison, is making headlines on social media. Ann worked as a salesgirl for her boss, selling liquid beverages, and when their store was raided, illicit liquids were discovered.

She was apprehended and sentenced to seven years in prison and a bail of 300,000 Kenyan shillings.

 She told them she was only a salesgirl and offered them the phone number of the shop's owner. Ann claims he was never invited or arrested, and she was thrown in jail as a result. 

After six months in prison, they were obliged to release her without paying the bond penalty due to public outcry.

She returned home to find only her mother, who was giddy with delight. Her mother informed her of the dreadful news; her father, brother and daughter had already died while she was in prison.

 Because Ann was the breadwinner in her family, she burst into tears. She wondered why the law is only for the poor and why the wealthy always get away with everything. 

She holds herself responsible for the deaths of her family members who were unable to care for them.

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