Rue Baby, the daughter of singer Akothee photo

Rue Baby, the daughter of singer Akothee, has chosen to validate what one of her admirers believes about her.

Somebody somewhere sent a bizarre text to the supermodel who manages the Rue Collection business.

They inquired about Rue Baby's status as a sugar mummy while waiting for the person to place an order or inquire about Rue Collection.

Rue cleverly responded to the inquiry by confirming that she was a sugar mama.

Rue uploaded a screenshot of the exchange on social media, saying she chose to imitate the foolishness with a ridiculous response as well.

Rue Baby, the daughter of singer Akothee

"The things I go through, some people just deserve stupid answers."

Rue Baby is demonstrating to have her mother Akothee's 'assets,' replicating negative energies with negative energy as well.

Rue resolves to be sassy with the unpleasant questions and comments because she can't go nuts at them.

Rue has spent much use of her time dealing with bullies who ridicule her for being skinny,' with others criticizing her little chest.

Rue Baby, the daughter of singer Akothee

Rue said last year how the harassment digs under her skin when the cancelling gets too much for her.

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