[Video] Drama ensued in Tanzania Parliament as MP hand-walk, somersault over constituency bad roads
Mp Flatei Massay, the member representing Mbulu Rural constituency somersault in Parliament over bad and poor roads photo

A Tanzanian MP reportedly created a commotion in parliament by denouncing the bad state of his constituency's roads.

Flatei Massay, the member representing Mbulu Rural, became enraged and performed a somersault to draw attention to the condition of his constituents.

Massay stated his people are sick and tired of the rough terrain when speaking to parliament on Monday, May 23.

According to the legislator, his constituency does not have a single asphalt road.

"Madame Speaker, I am a master of theatre." "I am well educated, having completed university, only to come here and express concerns, but nothing gets accomplished," Massay grumbled.

The MP pointed out that the government had planned to build roads in the area but had not followed through on its pledge.

Some of Massay's constituents have not seen a paved road before.

"Many of my constituency's young pupils never saw a paved road, so I have to transfer them to another location to see one."

During the rainfall, Massay complained, things are always worse.

"People wished for my car to become trapped, and when it happened, they rejoiced," he stated.

Massay planned to conduct a prank to emphasize his argument.

"Please allow me to show you surprises today," he remarked before rising from his seat, which elicited laughter from the other MPs.

He then somersaulted while the speaker pleaded for decorum in the chamber.

Massay went on to explain that he appreciated his colleagues in parliament but that he needed to get his message out.

Please understand that I am enraged by the current situation. My constituents, on the other hand, do not comprehend," he remarked.

Mr Tulia Ackson, the speaker, was able to reassure the agitated MP by stating that his grievances had been heard.

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