Jalango ex-employees Morrison Lutiema and Eli Khumundu return BMW M5 stolen money


Jalango Langata legislative seat contest winning

Morrison Lutiema and Eli Khumundu, Jalang'o's ex-employees, have reportedly repaid some of the money they took from him secretly.


During a question and answer session with 2mbili TV, Jalas said that part of the money stolen by his former workers had been refunded, with the two admitting that they had spent some of it while in exile.


He went on to say that he returned some of the money to them and requested that they leave.


The famed comedian also revealed the fancy automobile from which his former staff had taken millions of shillings during the conversation.


The aspiring Lang'ata MP flaunted his flashy BMW M5 automobile, but failed to tell how much he spent on it, claiming he wasn't finished yet.


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