Spiking ladies increased in Naivasha over the World Rally Championships 2022

 During the current 2022 World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally, police in Naivasha, Nakuru County, have issued a warning to revelers flocking to the area to be cautious of women dousing beverages or alcohol before knocking their targets out and stealing them.

Security has been tightened up until Sunday, June 26, but the police highlighted that complaints of people becoming victims of the doping ring had been received. Four incidents have been recorded since Monday, June 20 at the local police station.

The victims in all of the incidents were drugged before the accused used mobile phones to empty their bank accounts, and in one case, a victim lost Ksh 500,000.

Spiking ladies increased in Naivasha over the World Rally Championships 2022

Because there are several activities taking place across the area this weekend, the cops have voiced concern about the increase in cases that is anticipated.

"This is only the start," one of the policemen told K24 Digital. "All the casualties are working with WRC, and one of the victims was a police officer affiliated with the event."

Naivasha's deputy commissioner, Mutua Kisulu, highlighted the town's and the hotels hosting the events' increased security.


Additionally, 700 members of the General Service Unit (GSU) have been sent to the town, and the security force has banned parking and alcohol vending along the streets.

In order to support Kisulu's caution, he said that automobiles that are found parked along the roadways would be seized.

We've heard of incidents of beverages being tampered with, and because the police cannot supervise your drinking companions, this is a matter of personal responsibility. "Any vehicle discovered parked along the road will be hauled to the police station at WRC's cost and released on Monday," he said.

To handle security issues over the weekend, explosives specialists have also been sent, in addition to the 700 GSU personnel.

He said that the organizers of this year's festival didn't want to stop traffic like they did last year to let the rally vehicles pass. Instead, they wanted traffic to move freely.

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