This country does not belong to you!! Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah tells Catholic bishops
George Wajackoyah, a candidate for president from the Roots Party

George Wajackoyah, a candidate for president from the Roots Party, said that the Catholic Church was wrong to warn Kenyans about how he felt about marijuana as an economic good.

Wajackoyah asked leaders of the Catholic church to read and think about his policy platform before they criticised it.

He said marijuana can be grown for smoking and medicine.

"Bishops who behave badly will be the first to be vilified." Our manifesto is unread. We're not just targeting smoking, he said. Say Kenya isn't theirs. Some of us are Christians.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) warned voters against casting a ballot for immoral and unethical leaders.

Bishops questioned those pursuing leadership positions about their stance on immoral behaviour and youth drug use.

Wajackoyah has said that if he is elected president, he will legalise bhang because he thinks it will help pay down the country's debt.

"We ask you to stand up to leaders who want to cause destruction in the womb by supporting abortion.

" Liberalizers of deviant desires, including inappropriate content, should be rejected. You should also oppose bad leaders who propose destroying our youth through drug use," said KCCB chairman and Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria.

  George Wajackoyah, a candidate for president from the Roots Party

According to the bishops, the next crop of leaders should help in promoting traditional African and Christian family values.

"No leader who supports this agenda should be elected." He added that a leader with no moral compass spells trouble for the societal structure.

Muheria told Kenyans to vote for leaders who will serve the country and solve its problems. He also told them to choose a leader whose time in office won't hurt the country.

"Kenya will be like its leaders. We'll choose five-year leaders for our wards, districts, counties, and country. We can't be casual about electing leaders, "he said.

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