Azimio la Umoja's running mate Martha Karua running over teargas.

A senior police officer has been detained after it was claimed that he fired tear gas canisters in Kisii town against Azimio la Umoja's running mate Martha Karua.

The suspect is presently detained as the situation is being investigated, according to a statement from the police.

Unknown numbers of persons were hurt during the altercation, with ladies sitting close to the podium suffering the majority of injuries.

The officer is presently being held, according to National Police Service spokesman Bruno Shioso, and is working with the ongoing effort to determine all the facts regarding the incident.

Everyone fled to safety after the tragedy, and police officers swiftly removed Martha Karua.

According to a portion of the statement, "NPS wishes to inform the public that preliminary inquiry into the discharge of the teargas at the public meeting presided over by Martha Karua has indicated that the person responsible for the incident is a police officer."

When the explosion happened, Karua had just stepped up to the podium to address a gathering at Kisii Stadium.

She felt compelled to leave the podium and make her way back to her car, departing the meeting's location without speaking to the crowd.

The meeting became chaotic as the throng that had assembled at the stadium was forced to flee for safety.

After hearing rumours that one of the uniformed security personnel may have released the tear gas canister, the locals later turned on the officers and began throwing stones at them.

The police officer wasn't on duty and wasn't formally designated to attend the stadium, according to sources within the force.

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