Why Rigathi Gachagua embarrassed Kenya during swearing-in ceremony
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua photo

Class cannot be swapped!  When Dr. William Ruto's deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, appeared on stage at Kasarani for his inauguration, this sentence rang genuine.

Gachagua lost his cool after botching the swearing-in ceremony and lashed out at the immediately preceding president, Uhuru Kenyatta.
He called the former president out for his alleged choice to use state resources against him and the Kenya Kwanza brigade.
The former Mathira member of parliament, who will now serve as deputy president for the next five years, ended up turning the swearing-in ceremony into a bitter political rally against Mr. Kenyatta, paying no attention to the heads of state from several countries and a special envoy from the United States present.
During his speech, several leaders were seen looking away in embarrassment.
Gachagua said that he and Dr. Ruto would take over the country that Mr. Kenyatta had left in ruins.
"I want to tell Kenyans that today is a wonderful day. Kenya is a democratic nation. Being a friend of William Ruto has been made a criminal offense." Gachagua said, "You are now free (from Mr. Kenyatta)."
  Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua photo

"The fact of the situation is that we bequeathed a crumbling economy that was on the verge of collapse. To liberate this nation and restore it to Kibaki's pre-Kibaki condition is a monumental task,"  he continued.
Gachagua said that when he and Dr. Ruto talked to the National Treasury, they found out that Kenya was broke.
The coffers are empty, according to the Treasury, with whom we spoke. "We'll have to start over," he asserted.

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