Gladys Chania main suspect in the murder of George Mwangi

The probe into the death of Rwandan engineer George Mwangi, who was discovered in the Kieni forest in Gatundu North, Kiambu County, on Wednesday, continues to intensify. On Saturday, investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) rushed to his house.

Additionally, authorities searched Mwangi's residence in Thika Town for additional evidence. Gladys Chania, his wife and the person who is suspected to have killed him most brutally lived in the three-bedroom house.

More suspects are being sought by police as they call the suspected lover, Lucy Muthoni, to give a statement.

The late engineer Mwangi's home was maintained to be the crime scene for a second day as police officers guarded it around the clock while neighbours in the Mang'u neighbourhood went about their daily lives while speaking in hushed tones about the occurrence that horrified the nation.

According to those who volunteered to talk, Mwangi was a courteous guy who spoke briefly.

In response, Mama Kiarie said, "Mimi ni mfanyibiashara hapa, huyu Mwangi anakujanga anaenda, sikumbuki ni siku gani lakini amekuwa kama wiki moja."

In her own words, Charity Wangeci said: "Ingine lakini mwezi huu alikuja mwangi sijamwona wiki hii ata hiyo. Nikimkuta ananisalimia huwa anasimamisha gari. Ni mtu mpole na nimemjua miaka kama ishirini kwenda mbele. "

They characterized Mwangi's wife and the leading suspect in the horrific murder, politician Gladys Chania, as a person who neighbours feared.

In their Mang'u house, where she is claimed to have killed her husband on Tuesday this week, the neighbours said she was rarely ever seen.

She stayed in their second house in Thika town's Kimathi estate.

"Mwangi ako na nyumba Mang’u na anakaa huko family yake siwezi jua mambo ya kukaa pamoja.  Pengine nimwone mchana…hii nyumba ni yake ata anajenga,  "Charity Wangeci stated.

Lucy Njeri said, "Gladys' anaishi hapa. Anaenda mwangi alikuwa anakuja mchana lakini alikuwa kusimamia mjengo hapa last week."

The teams from the DCI's Crime Scene Forensics attended the location and spent over two hours searching the three-bedroom property for more evidence. Family members, including Mwangi's children, were there at all times.

Detectives also went to the woodland in Kieni where the 58-year-old engineer from Rwanda whose corpse was found on Wednesday was found.

Police are looking for more people who may have killed him or contributed, including a farm worker who has since disappeared.

Police called the suspected lover, Lucy Muthoni, and asked her questions at Kamwangi Police Station. A few meters from Mwangi's house, in a one-storey structure, lived Muthoni, who is a tenant.

Mwangi, who flew back to the nation from Rwanda on September 13 of this year, vanished on Sunday morning at approximately 9 a.m., and his wife reported him missing to Kamwangi Police Station and Mwea Police Post later that day.

Later, his corpse would be discovered in Kieni Forest, some 20 kilometres away, wrapped in a polythene bag.

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