former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, aka Omosh


After sharing his recent struggles, former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, aka Omosh, has made news once again.

The stage actor originally gained notoriety during the COVID-19 era when he discussed his predicament after a job loss.

Omosh said that he has recently been going through a difficult period and that he is feeling melancholy in a new conversation with Mpasho.

He said that since his employer failed to pay him, he is presently stuck at the site where he was employed.

Omosh said that he is attempting to find a way to return to his Kayole house and further stated that he is at risk of losing everything.

" I'm simply going through a lot; I'm not sure whether it's depression or just the circumstances of my life. I'm now considering how I'll get to my Kayole home. I received calls for a few jobs, but they didn't pan out, leaving me stuck," he stated.

Omosh has already been on the receiving end after pleading with Kenyans for further assistance.

The actor said in an interview with TV47 that after the first outpouring of grief, most people had forgotten about him.

He continued by saying that, contrary to what was written online, he did not get the majority of the funds that were promised to him.

"I have never gotten the money that people promised. I received less than a million, which I used to pay off my obligations,@ bemoaned Omosh.



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