Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza giving her husband county job photo while naming her cabinet

Kawira Mwangaza, the governor of Meru, and her husband Murega Baichu are in the news once more.

Following the introduction of her cabinet, the governor assigned her spouse, a musician and guitarist, to two top positions in the county administration.

She stated that Murega will serve as an ambassador for the Meru hustlers and a patron for the Youth Service, emphasizing that he will do it as a volunteer and not be compensated.

" When you see His Excellency First Gentleman Murega of Meru County there, he is an apostle. He currently serves as the Ministry of Tourism's ambassador.

" He is being given a job without pay or benefits today. He will work as a volunteer for Meru Youth Service, " Mwangaza said.

However, the Kawira/Murega problems started even before her election since they would be seen together while running for office.

After she was sworn in, the spectacle persisted when her husband was observed in her first meeting, where she was receiving a briefing from county officials.

On September 9, Murega represented Kawira at the graduation ceremony for 100 HIV-positive moms who had completed a course on preventing transmission of the disease from mother to child. Even reading her speech. 

Many Kenyans have complained about Kawira's handling of county matters, which makes them seem personal.

Kawira is allegedly lying since no Kenyan can labour for nothing, according to some.

A netizen claimed that "Kawira Mwangaza may be the first governor to be impeached."

"It is unwise for her to bring her spouse along to every meeting. Now that she had appointed him, the position was a household matter."  Another said, "She is cooking up a recipe for impeachment.

Others, however, countered that Kawira's case was not unique because first ladies of county governments have previously received such treatment.

"Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza names his spouse and supporter of the youth service. However, we also observe that county first ladies are given offices and salaries as the spouses of governors, " according to a Twitter comment.

"I don't see any issue with Hon. Kawira Mwangaza appointed her husband as the ambassador for Meru Hustlers. All around the nation, governors' spouses have set responsibilities and set wages. You cannot deny female governors' husbands the right to the same privileges. Let that man be," another one posted.

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