Money, Wealth and Fame is not in Freemasons but charity, not devil-worshipping -Ambrose Rachier
Ambrose Rachier talking on Freemason secret society

Ambrose Rachier, a lawyer, has refuted assertions that members join the Freemasons to become wealthy and influential in the community.

In an open conversation with NTV's Duncan Khaemba, the Gor Mahia chairman, who embraced Freemasonry in 1994, disclosed that the main reason people engage the covert group is to promote a charity.

He claimed that the majority of Freemasons in the nation and throughout the rest of the world are regular, everyday people.

"We become members of freemasonry to spread benevolence. There are some affluent members of freemasonry as well as individuals like me who lead regular lives. I don't have money, and I don't have any influence. In actuality, the majority of the populace there are plain Kenyans,"  Rachier added.

Ambrose Rachier on freemason talk on NTV

"There is no distinction based on what kind of person you are; some of them are businessmen, some are doctors and attorneys. If memory serves, all I can say is that there aren't many politicians. We don't have any politicians, in my opinion. Some of them preside over our judicial systems. The common factor is philanthropic behaviour, not wealth.

Regarding the topic of human sacrifices, the attorney claimed that it is a myth that he had also heard about but never experienced in his 28 years of working for the organization. He mentioned that all of his kids are still alive.

"There is nothing like that, and it's astonishing to think that everyone does masonry. The same things that are done in lounges here in Nairobi are also done in India. I want to give God praise for it. My entire family is still living. My siblings and children are all still alive and well recognized. My 43-year-old son works in my local law office with me. I have other kids, and I've never lost anyone.

"In my family, I have only ever lost my parents and my 60-year-old brother last year thanks to Covid-19.

Therefore, there is no connection to any type of human sacrifice. This is a myth, and neither does it occur anywhere I am aware of, nor does it occur in East Africa, he declared.

He urged the journalist to join Freemasonry so he could see the ceremonies for himself, but he denied to discuss them.

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