EVE Mungai and GSU popular video

According to reports, a man who said he was Eve Mungai's ex-boyfriend was taken into custody.


Nairobi-based Vlogger Mungai reported on Friday, October 7, 2022, that the individual who was faking a police officer was being held in detention while he was being charged.


The case was reported at Kileleshwa Police Station, according to Mungai's lawyer.


The defense lawyer stated: "The accused, Muendo Mailu, is facing allegations of impersonating a police officer, threatening my client, publishing of impermissible statements as well as a video alleging he had a connection with my client."


"He has never met my customer. He asserts that my client has received money from him for which there are no records, " he said.


"My client has worked really hard over the years to build a brand, and she thinks that anybody who attempts to undermine it should expect the law to take its course." According to Mungai, the suspect was detained on Thursday evening.


"Thank you to my legal team for moving swiftly; the bogus GSU is now in detention while we await the outcome of the case in court. " An altered footage of the obviously anxious suspect was captioned by Mungai.


The guy said that Mungai deserted him after achieving financial success in a video. The man was wearing full GSU regalia.


The suspect bemoaned how hard it was for him to support Mungai in building her YouTube channel, only for her to quit.


"Mungai Eve, you know how hard I worked to get her to film her first 30 videos before she became well-known. Come out and fight me back if you're a strong enough lady. I recall buying those candidates she used to interview for lunch. She made it on social media today and is strolling around with her money. She then blocked me, " the guy grumbled angrily.


"Before you became renowned, Mungai Eve, I paid the rent on your home for five months. When I attempt to contact you now that you are well-known, my calls are not being answered since you have blocked me. When do you intend to pay off my debt?" the guy said.


The man apologised saying he was just a Clout hunter.


Mungai Eve insisted that she didn't know him and that they had never met, revealing that the guy was just using her name to get publicity.


"I've never met the man, and I don't know him. Actually, I thought I was accustomed to people using my name when I first began getting the videos, "explained Mungai.

The well-known YouTuber said that after being contacted by her lawyer, the guy apologized to her and claimed he was merely after fame.

"He apologized profusely after hearing from my attorney that he was just seeking influence. He is thus in charge of it (her attorney). He and I have not spoken, "said Mungai.

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