62-year-old man dies at Embu lodge after hot encounter with a lady, 26


62 years old man dies in Embu while holding some tabs in a lodging

An event involving a 62-year-old man mysteriously dying at a lodge in Runyenjes town, Embu East, is being looked into by police in Embu.

According to Embu East Subcounty deputy police commander Monica Mwarania, who confirmed the event, the guy visited the castle bar and restaurant with a woman at approximately 1 a.m. Later that evening, his corpse was found lying dead.

The guy arrived at the entertainment venue, went to the bar, ordered several drinks, and then returned to his room with them.

But after an hour, it's said that the woman left the room and went somewhere else.
The man's corpse was found lying on a bed after what is believed to be an hour of activity, packed with the lady, in an occurrence that drew a large throng of spectators.

The guy was dead and still wearing his clothes, lying on the bed. The door to the space was secured from the inside.

"We learned from Village Castle Bar and Restaurant that a man had reserved a lodge there around 1300 hours last night in the company of an unnamed woman, and today as they were doing cleaning, they discovered the room locked from the inside and the man's body was lying lifeless on the bed," the police chief said.

Adding; "The man's clothes were still on him. The woman's identity is unknown."

His body has been taken to the Chuka Lampedusa funeral home, where an autopsy will be done while an investigation into how he died gets started. 

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