Justina Syokau big booty fashion designer business attire photos

According to gospel singer Justina Syokau, the most costly outfit she has ever created and sold cost KSh 500,000.


Justina Syokau discusses her fashion label in detail. The Twendy Twendy hitmaker admitted to designing prominent people, including bishops and their spouses.

She said that she dresses and that she has received orders from individuals who like her sense of style in fashion based on the web photographs she provides.


Justina Syokau big booty fashion designer business attire photos


"I take design work seriously. No one else has my sophisticated and attractive designs, which I create exclusively for individuals. In our store, we sell bridal dresses for KSh 200,000, which is unaffordable for most Kenyans. We created one for KSh 500,000, and if you saw it, you'd agree that it was worthwhile "She said.

Syokau also said that she has worn clothing from her store that costs KSh 150,000, but she also mentioned that there are certain items that sell for KSh 5,000 for customers who do not want to know specifics about their outfits.

She said that she has found a good way to run her fashion design business and her ministry at the same time.


"You are aware that fashion is all about materials, but music is a studio. And everything moves at its own pace. "


Justina Syokau big booty fashion designer business attire photos

She added, "I know when to answer calls from customers, and I also hire other tailors."

Syokau wants to have six children. Syokau said that she is still looking for a guy who can meet all of her needs and wants to be aware that she has to purchase cosmetics and dress up.

The gospel singer claims that she also desires a wealthy partner with whom she may have six children.


She stated that only impoverished men avoid having children and that men who marry four women can still support all of their children.


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