Condom shortage hits Busia, women turn to washing and reusing to satisfy market influx


Busia Women now reusing condoms over lack of the product

The people of Busia county are upset that the government does not give them condoms.

In order to satisfy their clients, the people of Busia town, women in the business claim they are now compelled to wash and reuse the contraceptives.

According to a woman who spoke to a local news station, male and female condoms are in low supply in the county, according to a woman, and the few that are accessible are imported from Uganda, a neighbouring nation.

The ladies who can't spend money on condoms turn to reusing them after washing them, unaware of the risks associated with this, to protect themselves from deadly STDs like HIV.

"Because our lives are in danger, we are begging the authorities to provide condoms to Busia, "the lady told NTV.

Other citizens said that if the government doesn't step in, they run the danger of having unintended pregnancies.


But Janerose Ambuchi, who is in charge of medical services in Busia county, said that no one in her department knew that the contraceptives were being reused.

" Although it hasn't reached my desk, if it's occurring, it shouldn't be permitted to continue since the condom's integrity would be compromised. Due to a paucity of condoms, the second and third usage will put this generation at risk, "Ambuchi said.

The official said that the lack of condoms was caused by a drop in money from donors in other countries.

"The county (Busia) is dealing with a severe condom shortage, which is a county-wide issue. It's a widespread issue. This product is supported by donations and is based on a worldwide fund. Donor financing has decreased recently, "she said.

The National Aids Control Council (NACC) reported in February that there is a severe condom shortage in the nation, putting the general population in danger of developing HIV/Aids, unintended pregnancy, and other STIs.

The NACC says that the country needs 480 million condoms every year, but there are only 79 million available right now. 

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