Wilson Airport officials.


A suitcase containing Sh 2.4 million, phones, and an iPad was returned to its owners by two airport staff members and one officer stationed at Wilson Airport.

The luggage belonged to British visitors who had left it at the airport.

Officer Brajeliner Fikiri, Security Worker Martin Kamau, and Luggage Collecting Area Supervisor Joseph Kabangi were named as the three people.

"When passengers were moving their baggage from the trolley to the tourist van at the beginning of last month, one of them accidentally misplaced his bag. It came in a little brown bag," explained Kabangi.

The three said they removed the bag for security screening and discovered cash in dollars and shillings, phones, cards, and an iPad.

"He was located at the office after we called him. He recognized the bag as his. We would have scheduled it in the OB that day if he hadn't shown up, and we would then hold it in our secure custody," Kabangi added.

He said that leaving belongings at the airport was not a common practice for travelers.

Before being turned over to the Kenya Revenue Authority, the lost baggage is kept in storage for at least 90 days.

"Our company's primary principle is integrity. I promise them that they will always have their belongings back," he added.

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) declared that the good Samaritans would get compensation for their honesty.

It said that the action proved that Kenya was a fantastic destination for tourists. The administration said that installing CCTV cameras would improve security at the site.

Wilson Airport lacks any official CCTV cameras to watch over daily operations. Joseph Okumu, who is in charge of the regional airport, said that getting security cameras has been difficult.

However, he said, "Right now, the procurement process is underway, and we anticipate that by year's end, the CCTV will be up and running and this airport will be covered by CCTV systems."

"We thank the officials who were in charge of preserving this money."

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