Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia photo

Kelvin Kinuthia, a crossdresser and TikToker, underwent gastric balloon surgery to lose weight to entice men.

The courageous trans woman has been upfront about getting the weight loss treatment that many other Kenyan celebrities have gotten.

After the procedure, Kinuthia wrote, "It's D for done—THANK YOU, LORD."

As the surgery, which can cost up to Sh500,000, was just suggested a few days prior, Kinuthia moved quickly to get it completed.

According to Kate Actress, it occupies a portion of the stomach, which lowers appetite.

Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia photo

Based on the size of your belly, the balloon takes up 15%–20% of the space. Its 500ml. Since the stomach can hold up to 3 litres, you can feel satisfied with a smaller amount of food.

Dieting leads to weight loss as a result. "The gastric balloon was my choice," Kate remarked.

Although the first few days were difficult as her body was resisting the alien substance, the actress saw the benefits 16 days later, when she had lost 5 kg.

The process, however, does not produce magical results because it calls for patience and commitment to produce the desired effects.

Jack Matubia and Kate Actress weight loss
Jack Matubia and Kate Actress weight loss

 Kate Actress and Jackie Matubia are two other well-known individuals who have undergone gastric balloon surgeries. Milly Chebby has also made suggestions that she might start the treatment to lose weight.

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