List of all 28 World Cup matches 2022 that will Be aired by KBC compiled. KBC will also air the World Cup final match on December 18, 2022. 

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), a public broadcaster known as a national powerhouse in sports broadcasting, brings the excitement of the FIFA World Cup 2022 from Qatar to radio stations and a TV channel.

The first game between Qatar and Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium was one of the games covered by the TV channel.

List of all 28 matches KBC will air in world cup Qatar

At Al Thumama Stadium, Senegal and the Netherlands played the following game: Since they were the hosts, Qatar qualified for the tournament for the first time, and their minimum goal is to advance from the group stage.

The FIFA World Cup, which started with a defeat between the hosts and Ecuador, is being held in Qatar for the first time and is drawing attention from globally.

The fact that the World Cup in Qatar is taking place in the winter makes it special. FIFA World Cup competitions have historically taken place in June and July, the Western Hemisphere's summer months.

The list of all 28 games that will be broadcast is provided below.

List of all 28 matches KBC will air in world cup Qatar

Round 16 KBC matches 

  • Argentina vs Australia  3-Dec 2022 
  • England vs Senegal  4-Dec  2022
  • Brazil vs South Korea -5-12-2022
  • Morocco vs Spain -6-12-2022


Quarter Final KBC match

  • Netherlands vs Argentina  - 09-12-2022
  • Morocco vs Portugal   - 10-12-2022

Third Place KBC Matches 

  • Croatia vs Morocco

World cup final live on KBC

  • Argentina vs France


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