Gospel artist Susan Namu photos

Following the reported publication of her explicit images and videos, Susan Namu became a household name.

When the sad incident occurred, the light-skinned gospel singer had a difficult time and suffered an emotional assault.

Kenyans are still discussing who among them, i.e., Mary Lincon versus Susan Namu, sparked the controversy by mentioning the videos of allegedly Susan Namu satisfying her desires.

Anyway, since that weird year when her life was flipped upside down, Susan Namu has experienced a lot.

Gospel artist Susan Namu leaked photos

The singer of "Wagithomo" has a lot to say. On her YouTube channel, she posts blogs about interesting life experiences, cooking tips, general advice for Kenyans, marriage, and other topics.

Susan Namu may be seen as an idol and a role model by some, but as a dubious artist by others who have seen her private photographs and videos.

Gospel artist Susan Namu leaked photos

Gospel artist Susan Namu leaked photos

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