Woman stealing underwear at Naivas Supermarket nairobi

A woman of middle age who was accused of committing theft in violation of the law was brought before the Milimani law courts for her arraignment.

On December 19, 2022, at the Naivas development house supermarket located along Moi Avenue, the charge sheet states that Ann Mwende stole one Fridali lady's shirt, four Tawamu boys' inner pants, and one pair of blue trousers from the aforementioned supermarket. The total value of these items was Ksh 4,690.

Mwende, on the other hand, rejected the allegations and said to the court that she had been doing some shopping at the supermarket when she walked to the customer care desk with the pants and other garments; nevertheless, the security agents followed her because they suspected that she had stolen them.

She testified before the Honorable Wendy Micheni and stated that at the time of her arrest, she made the security officers aware that she would not be leaving with the clothes before paying for them.

However, her understanding was disregarded by the officers.

The judge allowed her to go free on a cash bond of Ksh 20,000 but ordered a probation report to be completed to reduce the bail amount.

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