Gideo Moi undersiege after firing Nick Salat

The top leadership of the Kenya African National Union (KANU) party has become more divided. This comes after another high-ranking party member decided to suspend party leader Gideon Moi's decision on firing the secretary general, Nick Salat.

On December 15, the vice chairman of KANU, Thomas Ojanga, told Moi that he didn't have the power to call a meeting of the National Executive Council.

Ojanga accused Moi of treating the party as if it were a gift from his father, former president Daniel Moi.

"Therefore, Gideon Moi lacks the authority to convoke a KANU NEC, let alone suspend the organization's secretary general."

"The KANU Party is neither a part of his own property nor his inheritance from the late President and former chairman Daniel Arap Moi," said Ojanga.

In addition, Moi has not served as the party's leader since he was chosen to serve in the Senate in 2013, according to KANU chairman Ojanga. He said that Moi had to leave his job because the party's 2012 constitution said he had to.

"Article 5(c) of the KANU Constitution from 2012 says that the leader must be a public servant. According to the KANU Constitution, anybody holding the post of Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament, County Assembly Representative, or newly appointed Deputy President will immediately resign from their party position. "


"While serving as the Baringo senator from 2013 to 2022, Hon. Gideon Moi did not hold the position of chairman of KANU, regardless of whether he was appointed or elected to the position."

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