World cup semi finals live on KBC

The two semifinals shall actually happen on separate days, according to FIFA World Cup tradition, with one semifinal taking place on Tuesday, December 13, and the other on Wednesday, December 14.

It does mean, though, that one of the World Cup finalists could use an extra day to rest up before the championship game on December 18.

The third-place match, which takes place on the eve of the final, will provide the teams that lost in the semifinals one more opportunity to finish the competition on a high note.

Eight teams competed for a place in the semifinals. On Friday, December 9, two semifinalists were chosen, and the other two were chosen on Saturday, December 10.

Croatia will probably be the underdog in their matchup with Argentina, but it will be close. In each of its first five games in Qatar, the European team has shown that it can keep things tense.

At the most recent World Cup, Croatia defeated Argentina 3-0, while the teams have a split record overall with two victories each and a tie.


 In their two World Cup games, they both won one and lost one. In 1998, Argentina won by a narrow margin of 1-0.

The Atlas Lions became the first African side to go to the semifinals, while France is back in the finals and will be the favourite versus Morocco.

The outsider among the eight teams that made it to the quarterfinals was Morocco, although they did not perform by accident. 


They were successful because of their adept defence and the motivational performance of their offensive front three.

The Moroccans have the potential to cause France serious issues, and the support of their large following might make all the difference.


The Moroccans are buoyed by a passionate audience, with many travelling all the way from Morocco to Qatar.

In 11 games played overall, Morocco has only ever defeated France once, and that was back in 1963. They last interacted in 2007. (a friendly 2-2 draw). 


KBC semi Final World cup games to be aired live

  • 13-12-2022 - Argentina vs Croatia

  • 14-12-2022 - France vs Morocco


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