Socialite Shakila calls her fans for marriage

Shakilla Tiffany is a young Kenyan socialite who rose to fame when she and famed Kenyan blogger Xtian Della broke the record for the most people to watch them on an Instagram livestream.


Shakilla took to her Instagram page to discuss her sentiments around wanting to be in a committed relationship with another person.


She went so far as to inquire as to the reason why none of her followers were interested in dating her.

 Who is socialite shakila and why men disappeared for her?

"So, out of all of my supporters, nobody is interested in developing a meaningful connection with me?" "Was it my destiny to spend the rest of my life on the streets?" Shakilla wrote.


Because Shakilla had just said on a previous episode of her Instagram live show that she wouldn't date Kenyan guys because they didn't know how to take care of their wives, her fans had a lot to say in response to the post she shared after she said it.

Fans reactions

The following are some of the remarks made by her fans:

Dj Guchi "Nikama kununua taxi uifanye your own automobile, ukijua vizuri yashinda kwa barabara so mileage imetembea"


Swahili Nations "Simply due to the fact that everyone is aware that you are a true and shameless Ashawo,"


Wilson Ripatech. "When a woman in Kenya puts on a lot of makeup and her complexion becomes a very dark shade, she automatically believes that she is due an American accent and a wealthy guy." "We refuse my sister!"

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