Azziad Nasenya trending Images and videos online

It would seem that Kenyans have adopted a new national hobby, which consists of searching the internet for videos of their favorite celebrities engaging in grown-up activities.

Azziad Nasenya, a popular user on the video-sharing platform TikTok, is the most recent person to fall prey to this despicable behavior.

You read that perfectly, folks: a video of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Azziad is currently making the rounds online.

As a result, Twitter has exploded with pure conjecture and misinformation regarding the identity of the woman in the video.

An alert, though, before you go and start taking hold of the popcorn: it is not yet quite apparent whether the film in issue genuinely involves Azziad in any capacity.

Azziad Nasenya trending Images and videos online

Sleuths on social media have been hard at work attempting to validate the authenticity of the woman in the video, and some of them have brought up the fact that the woman in the video does not have the same tattoos as Azziad.

The internet was rife with conjecture as the video that purported to be of TikTok celebrity Azziad Nasenya spread across its user base.

The celebrity, however, was quick to put an end to the suspicions by turning to social media to disassociate herself from the video that was inappropriately shared.

She said, "Let me break your bubble; that's not me. Let me explain. I am thankful to the members of my online family for coming to my protection since they know both me and my ideas."

Azziad went on to discuss the matter of cyberbullying, and she urged her followers to be conscious of the acts they do and the effect such actions might have on others.

"With the year 2023, if I'm over here minding my business and you're over there meddling in it, who exactly is minding yours?"

It is not acceptable for us to engage in acts of cyberbullying or propagate false information.

Azziad Nasenya trending Images and videos online

"That's not cool," she said to me.
The YouTube sensation also shared some words of advice with her followers, telling them to "pray to God, work hard, mind your business, and choose kindness always."

Azziad finally put an end to the speculations with a last post that simply said, "Have a fantastic week," and she exhorted her fans to be loyal to their principles.

You can watch the video on Telegram search " Nairobi Leaks". 


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