Nairobi women in protests


Kenyan women have been very honest when talking about what made them decide to stop wearing underwear.

Despite the fact that this may seem to be a very personal issue, many women have gone to great lengths to discuss their feelings over the practice of going pantless.

Because we were nurtured in an African environment, our parents and other adults in charge of our upbringing provided us with lessons on fundamental decorum, such as how to sit like a lady and other forms of proper conduct.

Others are worried that going without a panty could cause them to get their period early or put them at a higher risk of getting an infection, even though many people are convinced that going without a panty is very nice.

Most of us have been taught our whole lives that we have to wear a diaper all the time and that the only time we can go without one is when we are sleeping.

What happened to the flattering pantyhose lines that our ladies used to have? Or, why did our ladies make the decision to get rid of their underwear?

These questions, which were posed to me by a friend of mine, prompted me to engage in some introspection. It is clear that women no longer bother to wear pants since there is a significant drop in sales of these items across the board.


People that sell underwear are experiencing a loss in revenue since there is a lack of demand for their products. Women of this age look down their noses at women who wear pants because they believe it to be unsophisticated, ignorant, and unfashionable.


Why do women refuse to wear underwear?

The following are some of the most popular explanations for why women no longer wear their underwear:


Many women have been given inaccurate information about their urges and pants. They have been led to believe that women who wear pants need a considerable amount of extra time to get started while having a s£xual encounter with a partner.

Women despise this sensation and would much rather not be romantically held back by something that they have the ability to prevent.

To be free

For women, particularly those who live in warm climates, the act of wearing tight pants may feel rather constricting. They report that it is warm there, which contributes to the discomfort they experience.

They choose not to wear pants so that they may have more freedom and feel more refreshed. Also, if you sweat while wearing pants, you'll smell bad, which can be pretty embarrassing.

To prevent infection

There has been a recent uptick in the number of cases of infections among women, including supergonorrhea. During the course of therapy for these infections, gynecologists advise patients not to wear underwear. As a result, many women choose not to wear tights out of concern that they could get an infection or have another health problem.

Panties restrict pr0stitutes' business.

Pants are widely regarded as a suffocating factor in the pr0stitute industry. It looks like a tedious and uninteresting task to pull down and then pull up pantyhose for every client.

This does not just refer to women who work as pr0stitutes but also to any woman who is fixated on the act of having s£xual relations.


Women and fashionable attire are synonymous terms. When some idiot celebrity comes up with a ridiculous concept, all of the ladies will immediately follow without question.

There are a lot of famous people that don't wear pants, and recently, this has become a fad among a lot of ladies. They just do not wear them since the people they consider to be famous do not wear them either.

However, a lot of different sources point out that there are a variety of advantages to not using a restroom.

  • The free movement of air is possible.
  • Bacteria are less likely to migrate, and yeast infections can be minimized. 
  • Exercise causes less friction. 
  • Your bits can "breathe" at night. 

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