Azziad Nasenya with Sports CS Ababu Namwamba

Azziad Nasenya, a viral phenomenon on TikTok, has been the subject of much controversy over the past couple of weeks, which has compelled her to comment on the situation.

The content creator, whose dance moves have earned her a large number of followers throughout all social networking sites, has been forced to submit to aggressive behavior, with a popular response by a Twitter user trying to label her material as overs€xual!zed and incorporating that it has little informational or ethical value.

This comment was posted in response to the content creator's response that her subject matter is lacking in teaching or moral value.

"The possible explanation why I don't follow Azziad on any of her social media sites is only because her material is too s€xual!zed, and there's not much to educate about or anything that adds any value to whatever she writes," said the person.

"Call me a bigot if you must, but it's the truth." "S€x sells."

Azziad's eyes were drawn to the remark, and in response, she requested that the user promote just the things that were essential to her.

"You do you, boo." "Never give in to the pressure of others to behave in a manner that goes against your values." 

To whom Azziad said, "Stay in your domain and complete your race."

This comes as a result of her subsequent nomination to the Talanta Hela Council committee members by the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports.

The majority of people on social media questioned her skills and ability to perform the duties of her new employment, but she did not reply to any of the hatred aimed at her since she had accepted the new duty.

The Talanta Hela initiative, which intends to promote the growth of the country's sports and imaginative markets, promote economic growth, and position Kenya as a preferred location for sports tourism and filmmaking, has selected Azziad as one of the personalities to participate in the action plan.

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