Naomi Wanjau, a rising star on TikTok who is most known for her humorous and engaging dance skills in the music video for Boutross and Juiceman's smash track "Angie Baddie," has spoken out against the people who have been harassing her over her body shape.

Naomi's rise to fame was mainly due to the timeless quality of her dancing routines; as a result, she surprisingly became friends with Boutross, the man responsible for the song that became a smash hit.

She presently has more than 91,300 admirers on TikTok, and the material of her distinctive dance videos—which put her little body around it all and her muscularity has proved such a tremendous hit for her that she is earning marketing agreements.


Naomi Wanjau photo
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On the other hand,  a subset of cyberbullies seems to take issue with other consumers watching her and her increasing level of celebrity.

Naomi is unmoved by the naysayers who have left nasty remarks beneath her videos and called her numerous names; yet, they have attempted to drag her down as the supply chain management student; however, she adores herself irrespective of what others think of her.


Naomi believes that everyone has the right to their viewpoint, and she also believes that she cannot allow other people's perspectives to dampen her enthusiasm since their thought process is not the same as hers.



In addition to the dancing routines seen in "Angela," Naomi also dances to these other songs, with her distinctive motion consisting of wriggling her body or attempting to display her non-existent bottom.

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