Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma and Bridget Sighadi

Tuesday, February 21, was a memorable day for well-known Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma and Bridget Sighadi, who is not only a performer but also the mother of said actor's kid.

The move occurred after they commemorated their daughter's birthday, who turned five years old.

And to mark this important event, Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi posted happy messages on their separate Instagram pages.

On Monday, the star, who had a role in Maria Citizen tv Telenovela, stated on her Instagram stories that she could not imagine her kid already had five years under her belt.

"I can't quite believe it's already been five years since my kid was born; where did the time go?"

Bridget posted another adorable message on her Instagram stories, expressing her gratitude to her followers and stating, "My princess turned five years today. Thank you very much."


Nicholas Mutuma also shared his thoughts through a blog," My daughter turns five years old, and I thank God for the lengths he has taken us."

Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma and Bridget Sighadi

Nick Mutuma, a well-known actor, producer, and director in Kenya, finally commented on his relationship with Bridget Shighadi, a cute Kenyan actress, last year after months of rumour and speculation.

Sources claim that the loving couple who officially confirmed their involvement and participation in their lives after a long on-and-off relationship that followed for some time before they sooner or later planned to move in together and raise their baby girl, Dua, could have had their marriage fall apart when they decided to move in together and bring up their child.

Mutuma merely provided a quick remark when requested to provide insight on the topic at the premiere screening of a project he produced. However, he refused to dive deeper into the affair when questioned.

When questioned about his spouse, the actor stated that all went well and that there were no problems.

"Everyone in my family is OK, including the infant." He then quickly moved on with "no more remarks" before doing so.

He avoided the subject, claiming that because the event's theme was "Black Shine Brightest Tales," there was "no need to tarnish the night by speaking on my personal life."

As the actress left the country alone to celebrate her 31st birthday in Dubai, rumours circulated that she and her boyfriend were having problems.

Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma and Bridget Sighadi

The actor was noticeably absent from the images that the diva shared on social media as she commemorated her birthday.

Mutuma maintained the silence and did not wish his daughter's mother a happy birthday like he had done the year before when Shighadi turned 30.

"May this day be as bright as your grin," the greeting reads in a 2021 message.


"I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Bridget Shighadi, and I hope you like your new home on the third level. 

In 2021, Mutuma posted, "Please aid me in genuinely wishing Mama Dua a good birthday."

Many people on the internet were quick to read between the lines and speculate that the couple was having difficulties because rumours circulating portrayed that they were not at ease.

The fact that neither spoke out to dispel netizen talks or clarify the situation fueled the spread of rumours and suspicions on social media. 

Now they are celebrating their five-year-old daughter in style. 

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