Ferdinand Omanyala beats his own record in Paris France
Kenya's Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala

The fastest man in Africa, Ferdinand Omanyala, has smashed both his national and African 60-meter benchmarks twice in the last week.

The Kenyan sprinter beat his national record by one hundredth of a second to win the Lievin World Indoor Tour competition in France with a timing of 6.54 seconds.

Olympic champion Marcell Lamont Jacobs was beaten by Omanyala to win the race; the Italian athlete came in second with a timing of 6.57 seconds. Arthur Cisse, an Ivorian, came in third with a timing of 6.59 seconds.

After a sluggish debut, Cisse and Jacobs gained a yard on Omanyala.

He was able to win the race with a strong surge in the latter part of the race, but there was no halting his cornering speeds after he passed the halfway point.

In his heat, Omanyala comfortably defeated the competition in 6.58 seconds, demonstrating strong form going into the final. Having only lost in his very first race in Miramas, it was his third triumph overall in the Tour de France.

The 27-year-old sprinter claimed the current record was a tribute to his father and a fastest time after breaking his own mark last week with a timing of 6.55 seconds.

In advance of the commencement of the outdoor tour, Omanyala returns to Kenya with his enthusiasm at its peak and his assurance at an all-time high. At the conclusion of the month, the Nairobi portion of the Athletics Kenya competition will take place.

Omanyala has also voiced his enthusiasm for the first game of the Diamond League season, which is scheduled for May 5 in Doha, Qatar.

The Kenyan sprinter said he was looking forward to opportunities to make an impression with a run of brilliant performances.

Omanyala deliberately selected the 60-meter sprint to test his beginning technique and boost his pace. He is concentrating on perfecting his block beginnings in France since the sprint is the key to the 60.

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