K24TV Newscut anchor Harriet Chimea photos
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K24 TV news anchor Harriet Chimea reveals her struggles from her humble family before getting into the media industry. MediaMax has been like a dream however, she plans to further her journey. Her journey has not been smooth like others that she has come across.

Born in Tana River, life has been taking twists from her humble background family.


For her courage and family support, she encouraged herself by contesting Miss Tana River in 2018. After completing her studies in 2021 at Daystar University, doors began to open.  That is when God's light began to shine, and later, employed by Switch TV.


K24TV Newscut anchor Harriet Chimea photos

With shocker, news came that Switch TV was winding up its services and turning to other digital markets in 2021.


With the leap of faith and determination, all came to pass as at the time of Switch TV restructuring, MediaMax was highly hunting for more reporters and news anchors. 


K24TV Newscut anchor Harriet Chimea photos

Harriet Chimea got an opportunity in March 2022 and moved to K24 Tv, a MediaMax-owned television channel, with her colleagues, including Abuller Ahmed, Joel Chacha, Marriam Mjahid, and David Kagina.


Ms Chimea was employed as a news anchor doubling as a news reporter. She reported to the station on Monday, March 14. She worked as a reporter and producer at Switch TV.

K24TV Newscut anchor Harriet Chimea photos

"This space is diverse, and we are working with the people who are more experienced." "This brings dynamics that are outstanding," she explained.


Approximately 60 per cent of journalists who left Switch TV when it ceased on-air broadcasting in December 2021 received other job offers.


K24TV Newscut anchor Harriet Chimea photos

Switch TV made a revolutionary change to concentrate on its digital content production. In a statement, the station mentioned that it had made the switch as per market directives.

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