MP Peter Salasya and CS Ababu Namwamba
MP Peter Salasya and CS Ababu Namwamba with Azziad Nasenya.

Ababu Namwamba, the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, has been accused of what Member of Parliament Peter Salasya considers to be an abuse of state office.

It was really regrettable for the CS to turn the federal office into bait to attract girls, as the DAP-K politician expressed his thoughts on the matter in a message that was published on Tuesday, February 21.

"Ababu Namwamba, just what was it about this woman that piqued your interest to the point that you felt the need to utilise government venues to impress her?" Salasya stated.

The young politician said that he has been calling Sports CS, but his calls and texts have gone unanswered each time.

He criticised the previous Secretary General of the ODM for ignoring the calls from other leaders in order to spend more time with the women.

"When I contact Ababu as an MP for important commitments, he cannot pick up calls, but he is fast for this foolishness," Salasya added. 

Salasya said that Azziad Nasenya has been giving him a hard time, so he decided to share a photo of the CS with her.

In the photograph, Ababu can be seen beaming while simultaneously holding a book beside Azziad, whose grin is just as enchanting.

After attending a conference with the Talanta Hela committee, Ababu presented the layout of what was expected of them in the company of Tiktoker Azziad Asenya.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that the man who used to represent Budalangi in Parliament has associated himself with young people.

For example, Senator Boni Khalwale of Kakamega County advised the Cabinet Secretary for Sports not to place an excessive amount of emphasis on young people only the week before, in an effort to assist President William Ruto in meeting the objectives of his 2022 campaign platform.

Khalwale said, "I would want our minister, who is younger, to scale back on attempting to placate his colleagues' youths and really organise a committee of technical experts supported by expertise in sports so as to provide the information resources needed."


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