Azimio leader RAila Odinga at Jacaranda
Azimio Raila Odinga at Jacaranda.

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio, has been admonished by a group of political leaders from the Nyanza region for his upcoming anti-government demonstrations.

Lawmakers, religious leaders, and professionals who told the youths to stay away from the demonstrations said that the peace and stability of the country were at risk because the Azimio leaders chose to follow a path of political extremism.

Former Kisumu lawmaker Fred Outa served as the group's head. They pleaded with Raila to halt the protests.

"We need to stop thinking that the only way to get leadership is through threats, coercion, and blackmail, even if we refer to ourselves as statesmen and Democrats."

"We must be sincere with one another and advance as one country, one people," he said.

Outa said at a news conference in Nairobi that it is strange that the leaders of Nyanza changed their minds so quickly after getting close to President William Ruto during his trip there.

"What happened between the President's trip to Nyanza and the leader of Azimio coming back from abroad?"

"Youths seeking work shouldn't be included in the discussion over who should pay taxes."

The majority of the protests, according to Nairobi MP Betty Adera, would hit women and children.

She urged Azimio to hold the protests in Karen, Runda, and Muthaiga rather than in communities where residents are suffering to provide for their families.

Odoyo Owidi, who used to be the head of the Lake Basin Development Authority, asked Raila why he keeps saying that his election win was stolen.

He said, "It's like France coming here and saying Argentina didn't win the World Cup."

The Nairobi Business Community told opposition leaders on Wednesday that they shouldn't hold protests in the city to put pressure on the government to do what they want.

The leader of the group, Wilfred Kamau, said that the protests would lead to chaos and violence.

"We want to reassure them that we remain unmoved should they carry out their threats." He added that they will face a Nairobi business community that is equally prepared to oppose them.

Still, Kamau asked the government to protect their businesses from protests by the other party.


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