Kenya Meteorological Agency

The Kenya Meteorological Agency (KTM) forecasts that it will continue to rain in the Lake Victoria Basin, the South and Central Rift Valleys, as well as the Highlands East and West of the Rift Valley, right up to the beginning of March. This forecast applies to the whole country of Kenya.

The weatherman anticipates that the places that are already being showered with rain will continue to receive rainfall during the first half of the projected timeframe, which extends from February 28 all the way up to March 6 of the year 2023.

Kenya Meteorological says that the rest of the country will continue to be dry and sunny, and the average daily temperature is expected to be higher than 30 degrees Celsius in most of the country.

Over the same time period, it is anticipated that the temperatures will drop in some regions of the Highlands east of the Rift Valley and the North Rift Valley to below 10 degrees Celsius on average.

Kenya remains mired in the midst of its most severe drought in the last four decades, which has been made worse by the country's sixth unsuccessful rainy season in a row.

Due to the dry weather, millions of cattle have perished, agriculture has been ruined, and more than one million individuals are compelled to relocate in pursuit of water and food.

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