Giant Catapult to hit Police officers with stones

Today's political altercation took place at the Patel roundabout in Kisumu, Kenya, with Azimio protesting supporters.

To march against racial oppression, police misconduct, and the lack of employment opportunities in the city, protesters congregated.

During the rally, protesters created a huge catapult that they used to throw rocks at the police.

As the police were trying to scatter the gathering, violence broke out. The police reacted by shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators when they refused to leave.

Because of this, the crowd got even angrier, and they started to use the catapult to throw rocks at the police.

In response to the stones, the police used additional force and attacked the demonstrators on all fronts.

As some protesters withdrew, others retaliated with rocks, sticks, and fists.

The police kept using tear gas, rubber bullets, and sometimes even real gunfire to try to stop the chaos.

As the day went on, the issue only became worse. Although the protesters hurled rocks and other objects at the police, they kept firing at the demonstrators.

The damage to numerous stores and vehicles occurred as a result of the violence's rapid spread throughout the neighbourhood.

The authorities had to request military assistance because the fighting had become so severe. Several officers were injured.

Armed with heavy guns and armoured vehicles, the military ultimately succeeded in scattering the throng.

Giant Catapult to hit Police officers with stones

The thing that happened at the Patel roundabout is a clear example of racial and economic inequality in Kenya.

The anger of the populace, who believes that the officials are not listening to them, is what leads to the rioting.

It is an indication of the people's choices and despair, who believe that peaceful demonstrations will not be sufficient to achieve what they want.

The tragedy also serves as a reminder that the government must move decisively to address the public's complaints.

They must take action to lessen both economic and racial discrimination, to provide people with monetary opportunity, and to make sure that the opinions of those around them are respected and acknowledged.

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