Tito Zimbwe photo with his fellow entertainers

After attempting singing and live performances in Tanzania, Tito Zimbwe moved to act. The famous Huba actor Tito Zimbwe performing as Roy opens up about his tough life. 

He has also performed in several films including the popular one by one. 

In 2014, he almost lost his life after being involved in a road accident. He began acting in secondary school. He got a natural talent. 

However, singing has also been his part but does it in his free time and side hustle. 

Tito Zimbwe accident 

The veteran actor Tito Zimbwe who started to gain fame at the beginning of the 2000s with the Kaole group had a motorcycle accident along Kigogo road in Dar es Salaam. 

Tito Zimbwe photo with his fellow entertainers

The actor was admitted to Dr Mvungi hospital in Kinondoni. 

Tito said while in the hospital bed, "I had a motorcycle accident on the main road of Rutihinda school, I passed by for two or three days there were no bumps now when I passed I knew there were no bumps and then at night there were no signs so I met the bumps and I hit a hive it's just an accident. 

" I always have a car and today I had a car, but my wife went home with it, so I borrowed the motorcycle from a friend and had an accident with it." 

In the hospital, Tito added, "I am grateful to my relatives and friends as well as artists who were very close to me during this period of problems, I am not broken, only shocks and injuries in the body. "

Actor Tito Zimbwe Net Worth

He is hitting a $1Million net  worth. He has been on several music videos featuring major Tanzanian artists. 

Tito is also a musician and does other businesses together with promoting brands. 

Actor Tito Zimbwe wife and family

Tito Zimbwe photo with his fellow entertainers on his wedding

In 2013, Tito got married in a simple wedding that also drew popular personalities in the Tanzania media industry. 

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