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Miss P, a female musician from Kenya, has explained why she stopped making music and erased all of her social media profiles.

Miss P said that she does not use all of the social networks since being a star, particularly a female musician, is so stressful in an interaction with 2mbili TV.


Miss P said she's keenly aware that the world is coming to an end and that she doesn't want Jesus to return and catch her doing anything that displeases Him.

"I'm aware that some people would think this is a joke, but I have been considering it often. I came to see that being spiritual and being religious are two different things.

"I have always trusted in Jesus Christ and received salvation from Him. "I don't know whether people are aware that we are in the latter days, and I would rather not be caught by Jesus acting in a way that goes against what God requires."

The erstwhile performer said that she felt at ease after deleting her accounts and clearing her reputation because she believed that was how things were supposed to be.

Miss P was upset that history tends to repeat itself, with one leader being replaced by another, and that her male coworkers often had hidden goals.

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The singer and performer signed with the Saldido international record label, which Willy Paul runs. She appeared in popular songs from that era, including Liar, Fall in Love, Tired, and Mashallah.

Only a year after making the switch, she left the label after a very public fight with the CEO. She said that Willy Paul had abused her inappropriately on numerous occasions.

She was subsequently signed by Eric Omondi, and they even recorded a "baby shower" song.

Miss P said that she is not anticipating a musical return.

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