An event in which a law enforcement officer is suspected of shooting and killing two ladies and then taking the pistol on himself is now being investigated by the police in the Langata subcounty of Nairobi.

The dead officer's wife and also the wife of a fellow cop were the two people who were shot by the officer when he excused himself from his patrol job to ostensibly "pick something up from his home." It is claimed that he fired each of them twice.

After locking himself inside his home, the officer is said to have opened the door to the residence of his girlfriend, who was 28 years old, and fired seven shots at her on Sunday evening at nine o'clock, based on a complaint that was lodged with the Langata Police Station.

Police car in Kenya

The cops who came to the site reported that the officer committed suicide by shooting himself in the neck with a pistol and that the bullet pierced his neck upward and departed from the rear of his body.

An observer who talked with me after the event said that the suspect responsible for the assault had lately given off the impression of being distressed; nevertheless, it is still unclear what led up to the shooting.

The Langata subcounty police commander, Monica Kimani, went to the crime scene, but she refused to address the horrible event that had taken place.

Charles Awino, who is the senior assistant chief for the Bomas region, said that the occurrence is connected to internal conflicts inside the camp.

The three deceased individuals have been transferred to the municipal mortuary as the authorities continue their inquiries.

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