After Miss P accused Willy Paul of raping her on numerous occasions, they have admitted to being in a relationship.

In pictures they posted on social media, the two lovers displayed their love in a PDA.

Willy Paul and Miss P photo with ' I Love you'

Willy Paul posted a picture of him snatching Miss P by the waist and wrote, "Love You."

Miss P. and Willy Pauls (@willy.paul.msafi) Instagram imageIn another image, Willy Paul can be seen affectionately clutching Miss P's hips while claiming that he 'owns' her.

You take it like it's yours because it's yours, right? wrote Willy Paul.


In August 2021, Miss P outrageously charged Willy Paul with rape. After signing her to his record company, Saldido, the singer allegedly abused her many times, according to the woman.

However, Miss P recently admitted that she had exaggerated the extent of her former employer's physical assault, clearing Willy Paul of any wrongdoing.

Willy Paul and Miss P photo with ' I Love you'

Willy Paul experienced anger and severe criticism when the rape narrative went viral, despite the fact that it remained unclear if the accusations against him were accurate.

Because of the difficulties he had when Miss P said that he had abused her, many people have urged Willy Paul to file a lawsuit for defamation against her.

Willy Paul has defied calls to sue Miss P nonetheless. He explained why he was reluctant to sue her in great detail while expressing sympathy for his accuser.

Willy Paul saw that imprisoning Miss P would not benefit him in any way.

"I know that you've all been dying to hear my response to Miss P's disclosure, so here it is. I've read your comments, and the majority of you call for me to file a lawsuit, while some want me to extend forgiveness and stay away from her.

Many of you reminded me of the suffering caused by that untrue report and advised that I proceed with legal action without hesitation.

Willy Paul and Miss P photo with ' I Love you'

But the issue is, what good would it do me to have her behind bars? Exactly nothing. I won't gain anything," wrote Willy Paul.

"I've always been a nice guy, the kind of good man that most people can't recognise the good in. I've made the decision to pardon this lovely creature. I'm aware of the price I paid, but if God can pardon, who am I to refuse? If you properly comprehend the Bible, you will also realise that forgiveness brings about an even greater sense of serenity."

Willy  Paul continued by saying that God had used him to open Miss P's doors and that those doors would remain open for her since he still loved her so much.

"Remember this, family; God used me to open this girl's doors, and I did just that; why would I tamper with what God used me to create? The bottom line is that I still love her so much and will always be there for her anytime she needs my counsel or assistance with anything else."

Willy Paul stated, "Before you criticise her or even argue with me, please realise that errors happen, people make mistakes, and that nobody is flawless. As I mentioned before, I still love her so much, and my doors will remain open for her."

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